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Episode 186: Beth Wyatt - How To Improve Your Sleep Performance So You Have More Focus

Beth Wyatt

For a long time, I used to struggle with the difficulty in sleeping well or sleeping early because I would be thinking about my work, a launch, and I would have thoughts racing through my head as I try to fall asleep. But sleep is so important for entrepreneurs because it directly affects your performance. 

On this episode, I have sleep coach Beth Wyatt on the show to chat about insomnia, bedtime routines for busy entrepreneurs, and how to have calming racing thoughts at night so that we sleep better.

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When you're lying in bed and you're not able to sleep, and you have a lot on your mind, what's at the forefront of your mind? Get up, write it down or write a to-do list for tomorrow. Schedule it. I don't need to go to bed with this tonight.

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