MindFuel Community's mission is to bring transformational ideas and practices to a MILLION entrepreneurs worldwide.


and counting...

"I started MindFuel Community because I found that most entrepreneur spaces wasn't talking about how running a business is an inside-out job. Strategies alone won't get you far if your business isn't aligned with your thoughts and beliefs."


Our Mission

Your business is a reflection of who you are being and who you are inside.

We can't build a successful business if we are not being our version of a successful entrepreneur.

At MindFuel Community, we are building the one platform that entrepreneurs need to start transforming their business from the inside out.

And we do it by sharing transformational ideas and practices around mindset, subconscious beliefs, and business alignment, from world-class teachers, leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs passionate about helping entrepreneurs worldwide.



Chrystabelle is a serial online entrepreneur and podcaster. While running an online marketing agency, she realized that the way entrepreneurs have been told to run and scale a business was very one-dimensional. 

During this time, she started working with a coach who introduced her to mindset work and subconscious beliefs transformation through self-hypnosis. When she started to see the impact on her business, she wanted to make mindset, subconscious transformation, and business alignment mainstream for entrepreneurs.

MindFuel Community was born as a result in January 2021. 


Created for the online entrepreneur working on their business, mindset, and success frequency.

Deepen and expand your business success, awareness, and your success frequency. Join Chrystabelle each week as she dives into the various aspects of being an entrepreneur.


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© 2021 MindFuel Community. All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 MindFuel Community. All Rights Reserved.