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MindFuel Membership For Entrepreneur Mindset

Today is the day you tap into the true power of your mind, thoughts, and beliefs

Are you fed up of working so hard but not getting the result you want with your business?

Too many entrepreneurs fixate on the strategies and tactics, chasing after the next "how-to" steps, yet struggle to go to that next level. What most don't realize is a successful business is an inside-out job. Who you are being and your subconscious thoughts influences the actions you take.

By tapping into the power of your mindset, subconscious beliefs, habits, and thoughts, you can start to really move the needle in your business beyond implementing more strategies and tactics.

When you join MindFuel Membership today, you'll discover transformational practices and ideas that create major breakthroughs in your business, life, and impact.

You'll get access to our current month and past Transformational Success Mastery™ Implementation Challenge, on-demand library of classes, plus a new LIVE guest masterclass once a month that you can attend live or watch the replay.

entrepreneur mindset

mindFuel membership is like a secret club where entrepreneurs come and do deeper work on their mindset shifts & inner transformation, while taking their business to the next level

We created MindFuel Membership with a single mission: to create a space where entrepreneurs like us could unlock our highest potential and success, break through limiting beliefs, and get guidance and coaching from experts.

If you're longing for resources, and support in your entrepreneurship journey, then there's no better place for you than MindFuel Membership.

mindfuel membership classes 3-min

so how can mindFuel membership help you?

create powerful habits and mindset shifts with Transformational Success Mastery™, our Monthly-Themed Implementation Challenges

Unlocking powerful shifts in your business success frequency just got easier. The Transformational Success Mastery™ is a 12 pillar framework created by Chrystabelle, founder of MindFuel Community, that helps you develop powerful habits and routines month after month that lead to long-term success.

When you join MindFuel Membership, every month you will have access to our easy-to-commit monthly implementation challenges. Transformational Success Mastery™ implementation challenges take 15 minutes a day, comes with a short video or text, and last for 5 days each month.

Each month we release a new Transformational Success Mastery™ implementation challenge with a different theme and focus, from creating powerful long-term habits to self-integrity and courage.

Each theme and focus spans the 12 core pillars you need for growth. At the end of each challenge, you would have taken one doable step towards a transformational mastery of success - one that you can apply in your business.

Everything is laid out for you, you just follow the steps. Imagine just who you will become after each month?

get guided into major breakthroughs in your business

MindFuel Membership members get once-a-month LIVE interactive and transformational masterclass with some of the world’s best teachers in mindset, subconscious reprogramming, and business alignment.

PLUS,  you'll get access to our 'Netflix' library of all of our past trainings.

Full access to over 40+ on-demand classes teaching you everything you need to know about practices that help entrepreneurs get unstuck and reach lasting success, including: rewiring of subconscious beliefs and thoughts, sales psychology, manifestation, money block clearance, Law of Attraction, business and alignment, confidence, habits, energy, leadership, and more.

Imagine being released from the shackles of your limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving greatness.

Imagine creating the confidence and mindset shifts you need that allow you to take the consistent actions you need to grow to the next level, and the next. This is a truly world-class learning experience.


with Vivian Kaye

Subconscious Programming

with Natalie Ledwell, Mind Movies

Decision Making

with Nicole Raymondi


with Steven Whitney

Future Visioning

with Chrystabelle

Modern CEO

with Amber McCue

EFT Tapping

with Brad Yates


with Heidi Stevens

I thought the classes where well presented, I also loved how there was shorter ones and then longer ones to give a bit of variety.


I love the topics. You need to have the right mindset to be successful as a business owner.


Get Ready To Experience A Whole New Level Of Success And Alignment

Get full access with your MindFuel Membership - unlimited access to our current month and past challenges, all classes, live workshops, and events. Whatever your level or business type, MindFuel Membership is a leap down the path towards your vision and biggest success.

Mindfuel Membership

Join the current month’s Transformational Success Mastery™ implementation challenge, or start any past month's challenge that’s right for you. Our monthly-themed challenges build accountability and progress, and adds fun to your daily routine!

Get access to our growing library of on-demand 40+ masterclasses. Expect new videos regularly, stay tuned, as we are just getting started!

Includes access to our paid online conferences held at least twice a year ($247 value each). 

Curated classes for every entrepreneur & every level. 30 minutes average per class, perfect even if you are short on time.

Watch on your laptop, phone, and tablet.

It would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to get coaching from all these experts! But now you get in for less than $0.90/day!

What's Included In Your MindFuel Membership:

1. Monthly-Themed Transformational Success Mastery™ Implementation Challenge

make progress on a new Area Of Your Business each month

1. Every month, we run a 5-day themed challenge called Transformational Success Mastery™ implementation challenge to help you work on a specific area in mindset, subconscious transformation, and business alignment

2. You commit to the challenge for just 15 mins a day for 5 days and receive daily guidance. Each challenge has a mix of short videos or text

3. Receive daily support from the community in our forum

2. Once-A-Quarter NEW Guest Masterclass Held Live PLUS Access To Our Library Of Past Masterclasses

Learn From Inspiring Entrepreneurs And Experts In Mindset, Subconscious Transformation, And Business Alignment

Inspiring coaches. Best-sellers. World-renowned business owners. Speakers. Creators.

Here’s just a few of the incredible experts you’ll learn from when you join.



Founder of MindFuel Community

amber mccue

Amber McCue

Business Strategist

Brad Yates

Brad Yates

EFT Tapping Coach

heidi stevens

Heidi Stevens

Wealth Consciousness

Natalie Ledwell

Natalie Ledwell

Co-Founder of Mind Movies

Derek Rydall

Derek Rydall

Creator of the Law of Emergence

Tim Shurr

Tim Shurr

Renowned Hypnotist & Coach

Vivian Kaye KinkyCurlyYaki

Vivian Kaye

Founder of KinkyCurlyYaki



Self-Made Millionaire At 26


Aren Bahia

Karma House, Conscious Arts

David Neagle

David Neagle

Financial Success Mindset

Natasha Hemmingway

Natasha Hemmingway

Sell With Heart Not Hustle™

Gain Mastery Of Your Business And Life Today

Explore A Variety of Topics

MindFuel Membership offers a growing on-demand library of classes on topics that will transform your business and life. Organized for your discovery and exploration.

3. Connect With

A Community Of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs From Around The World

Finally, there’s an entrepreneur community that gets it: entrepreneurs dedicated to becoming the best entrepreneurs they can be, and mindset, energy, and subconscious work is not an afterthought when you're building your business.

Collaborate, network, and come together with other entrepreneurs who want to unleash their fullest potential, work on their mindset, conquer their fears and limiting beliefs, manifest their goals, and reframe their thoughts to be in a prime position for incredible success.

Our community is a safe space to pose questions, share wins and stories, offer advice, and people you can learn and grow with.

Plus, as a founding member, you'll help to create the community, shape the space for future members, and be one of our leaders.

How It Works (Watch The Video Below)

MindFuel Membership gives you instant access to our monthly Transformational Success Mastery™ Implementation Challenges, monthly live masterclasses by guest experts, and our growing library of on-demand classes.

Plus you'll get access to our online events, held at least twice a year.

Step One

Select the plan that's the best fit for you. Three amazing offers, one great experience.

mindfuel membership classes 3-min

Step Two

Access all your content on your computer or phone at Create an account, log in, and our current and past challenges, library of classes, and community will be available for you.

Step Three

Join the current month’s Transformational Success Mastery™ implementation challenge, or start any past month's challenge. You can also skip the challenge for now and proceed to our on-demand library of classes. Choose your first class and begin learning!

New classes are added every month and the library keeps on growing.

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What Happens when you work on your mindset, subconscious rewiring, and business alignment?

Breakthrough fear and self-limiting beliefs holding your business back

Say goodbye to feeling stuck. When you learn how to shift your mindset and subconscious beliefs, you start to become more self-aware and you start to take your business to the next level. You start to become the leader and entrepreneur you were meant to be.

Grow your business faster and achieve more

Success leaves clues. When you learn from leaders who have built successful businesses and overcame their own challenges, you learn what to avoid and how to make similar progress... faster than if you were to do this alone.

Find your purpose and be in alignment with your business

When you start becoming a better version of yourself, your business starts to reflect the same growth. Each new habit or transformational thought you learn results in more growth and alignment for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my MindFuel Membership?

You'll get access to the monthly Transformational Success Mastery™ Implementation Challenges, as well as our growing library of 30+ classes + new classes each month - covering topics that help entrepreneurs get unstuck and reach lasting success - rewiring of sub-conscious beliefs and thoughts, sales psychology, manifestation, money block clearance, Law of Attraction, business and alignment, habits, energy, leadership, and more.

You will also get access to new LIVE sessions by guest teachers, held once per month, which you can attend live or watch the replay.

On top of our monthly Transformational Success Mastery™ Implementation Challenges, library of classes, and LIVE sessions by guest teachers, your MindFuel Membership also includes access to all of our paid online conferences and events held regularly. 

What is the format of each Transformational Success Mastery™ implementation challenge? How much time do I need to commit each month? 

Each Transformational Success Mastery™ implementation challenge will take you around 15 minutes a day to complete across 5 days. Expect a mix of video and text lessons led by Chrystabelle, founder of MindFuel Community. Once in a while, we might invite a guest expert in the topic to co-lead the challenge. 

Within the community forum, you'll be able to clarify any questions that arose during the Transformational Success Mastery™ implementation challenge and get feedback tailored to your specific situation.

What if I sign up in the middle of the month? Can I start this month's Transformational Success Mastery™ implementation challenge anytime? 

The best part about the Transformational Success Mastery™ implementation challenge is that you can take it anytime during the month - or even months down the road! If you've signed up for MindFuel Membership and the current month’s challenge has already started, simply start the challenge and get started today. There’s no requirement that you start at any specific day.

When/Where Do The New Trainings Happen?

A new masterclass goes LIVE each quarter. All sessions are recorded and members get free access to the new masterclass in their membership dashboard. 

You don't have to watch all the replays or attend all the live trainings, and you can go at your own pace and interact as much as you want.

All new masterclasses are posted in our private membership site where you can watch the masterclass from any device and at any speed you want.

How does the trial work?

Try us free for 7 days – no limitations! After that, you can continue enjoying MindFuel Membership for the special founding member's rate of $20/month (or save even more by upgrading to an annual plan).

We'll notify you in advance that your trial period is ending. Cancel any time before your trial period ends and you won't be charged. You can easily cancel your Membership after that — no contracts or extra payments required.

Is There A Community?

Yes! We have a private Facebook Group where you'll be able to pose questions, share wins and stories, offer advice, and people you can learn and grow with. This is members only, and it's also where we stream our LIVE guest trainings.

I just signed up but have not received an email yet

Be sure to check your promotions and junk folders within your email account. To make sure that this doesn’t happen again, please whitelist us - that way, our mail will go directly into your inbox and you’ll never miss any updates or news! If you have tried the above and still haven’t received an email within 24 hours, email us at

How does billing work?

If you sign up through the monthly payments, then your first payment will be due the day you sign up. From there, you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled. If you chose the annual payment option, you will make a one time payment and be set for the entire year.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you decide not to renew your subscription for another month/quarter/year, you may cancel at any time. Just cancel inside of your membership dashboard before your next billing date to ensure you're not charged for that next billing period.

What payment plans are available?

MindFuel Membership is a monthly or annual membership community, meaning members pay monthly or annually. Annual plan members receive and receive 2 months free.

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