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Episode 188. 2 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Isn't Giving You Results

Have you been trying new marketing tactics and strategies and they DON’T seem to be working no matter how hard you try?

That’s because it’s not so much about WHAT marketing tactic you try… so instead ask yourself these 2 questions.

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Number one, are you trying to copy someone else? Like, are you trying to copy someone else's tactics? And number two, are there any subconscious beliefs that stopping you from getting to that next level?

There are several reasons why maybe you're trying something new in your business, maybe you're trying a new marketing strategy or tactic, and it's not working out whatever you're trying.

Maybe you're trying to post on Instagram or frequently posting every day. Maybe you're trying a podcast, maybe you're trying TikTok, Snapchat, whatever.

So whatever you're trying that's new because you're trying to get more sales, you're trying to grow a business and it's not working. You've been trying it for a while and it's not working. Nothing's changing.

And there are several reasons why nothing is changing, even though you're trying new things in your business. Now there's a lot of reasons why something don't work out in a business. Everything from doing the wrong marketing strategy to inner work. You're not aligned with business or internally, you're just not aligned internally.

There's subconscious beliefs that stopping you, whatever. There's so many reasons, but I'm going to share the top reasons that I personally have seen with other entrepreneurs, whether with my friends or people I've worked with or coached with, or even my own entrepreneur journey growing different businesses, failing, succeeding, failing, and succeeding over and over again.

The things that I've learned and what I've seen, the top reasons why new marketing strategies or new business strategies don't work out.

Now one of the biggest reasons, probably the first one would be, you're just copying. You're just copying someone else's marketing strategy. You're just copying someone else's new launch, new product, new offer.

You see it and you're like, wow, this person is doing well with a podcast. I'm going to try it. And I'm just going to start my own podcast. Or this person, I can see that she's doing really well on TikTok, and I'm going to try to TikTok now as well, because well, if it's working for her, it's going to work for me as well.

So you're just basically copying someone else's whatever and it doesn't work out for you when you're copying someone else's stuff. Whether that's just copying up the idea of that stuff, or literally the entire stuff itself. And you're not coming from a place of alignment with your business alignment, with who you are and the business you're trying to grow and build, and the values that you have.

You don't really have a plan. You're just copying. What is your plan? And what's the reason behind creating a new podcast? What's the reason behind posting daily on Instagram? What's the reason behind you starting a new, whatever, TikTok channel or a new YouTube channel? What's the reason? What's the bigger plan behind it, right?

So you don't just want to copy someone else's stuff. You don't just want to copy someone else's strategy and tactic, because here's the thing. Every single channel works. YouTube works. TikTok works. Facebook works. Running ads work. Writing content works. Not running ads work. Every all these things do work.

The problem is not all of them apply to who you are because your business is going to be different from my business. My values are going to be different from your values. What we're aligned to is totally different.

And the only way you'll be able to create real change in your business is when you actually do something that is aligned with your customers and your target audience. If it's something that they are looking for, if it's something that they are, you know, that's that sphere, right?

So you're not just creating something just because someone else is doing it. If it's aligned with your values and the business you're trying to build. So that's number one, you're just trying to copy someone else's thing. And you're like, oh, it's not working.

Now the second reason that I see why a lot of people just get marketing strategies, that new business strategies that don't work out, or even my own in the past, it don't work out whatsoever. It's because there's just some subconscious belief that is just keeping us stuck.

So for example, I might decide to start a new podcast and I'll start creating podcast episodes, and I'm putting myself out there.

I'm interviewing people, but deep down inside of me, I'm still stuck with believes that I'm a nobody, I'm not good enough. Who am I to interview the top people, who am I to invite the top people in my industry?

So I'm always just trying to play the C game or B game and never trying to up my level to the A game. So I'm always getting stuck. I might see some success with whatever I'm trying to do, but I'll never be able to reach that level of success that I'm envisioning or I want, because I'm still stuck with the subconscious beliefs.

And the reason why they're called subconscious beliefs is because they are subconscious. You are not conscious of it. You're not waking up one day and say, oh, I am stuck. I have limiting beliefs, right? We don't do that.

The only way we really understand the subconscious beliefs that we have is when we actually take time to quiet down and to sit down to meditate, to really go deep inside of ourselves, to do work, shadow work, to really understand, like, what are the things that stopping us?

And that cannot be done in just like, watching a YouTube video, watching an Instagram IGTV, but it's so much deeper than that.

So one thing I want you to think about right now is what are some of your subconscious beliefs that stopping you from getting to that next level from making things happen in your business? Whatever those might be.

My personal subconscious beliefs that I am still working on every single day and, and I might clear one and then I realized there's like more deep, deep, deep inside of me.

One of it has always been, I'm not good enough. I've always struggled with that. Even as a kid, I always felt like, oh, I'm not good enough. I'm not a good enough whatever. Not a good enough student, not a good enough entrepreneur, not a good enough person.

I've always felt like I wasn't good enough. Everything that I did wasn't good enough. It doesn't matter what I got in life. It's never good enough because I'm not good enough.

And that was something I had to work through and I'm still working through to really just build up that belief that I am good enough, that I am valuable. I'm worthy of every success that I want to have, everything that I want in my life. So I'm working through that.

My question and my task for you today is as you're watching this - think about if something is not working out well in your business right now, and you're trying new things and nothing is working.

Number one, are you trying to copy someone else? Like, are you trying to copy someone else's tactics? And number two, are there any subconscious beliefs that stopping you from getting to that next level?

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