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185. Suzy Ashworth: How To Have A Limitless Business And Clear The Blocks Keeping You Stuck

Let’s chat about living a limitless life, and clearing the blocks that are keeping us stuck where we are in our business. I want to introduce you to my guest today, Suzy Ashworth, a Quantum Transformation and Embodiment Coach for entrepreneurs leaping to multi-6 & 7 figures.

As a mindset and business coach, she helps women increase their intention, their impact, and their income with grace and ease. If you wanna hear how to live a limitless life, this is it.

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Limitless to me is me living into my potential. I believe that I, you, every single human being on this planet has super powers, and I think that from an early age, we are taught that we are limited in what we can do, how we can think, how we can show up and how we can impact.

Introduce yourself. How did you get to where you are today? Why did you decide to help women as a business coach, as a mindset coach, focusing on the limitless life that we can experience?

Probably there were two reasons that I'm here, and one is that I was fostered from the age of three months old, and my foster mother passed away when I was 19. That had a profound impact in the way that I looked at life and who I wanted to be.

I realized that at that age at 19, that I wasn't that proud of myself and the way that I acted and was acting. It didn't make me feel I wasn't living in the best life that I can live.

So I made a few decisions at that point in my life, particularly around work and I made a promise to myself that I would never be in a job for longer than three months if it didn't bring me joy, and that was huge for me. I can say that that is one promise that I made to myself all those years ago that I have kept, and it's been super empowering.

So that was the first one. And then the second reason I'm here is because I got pregnant. When I got pregnant with my first son who is now 10, I knew immediately that if I wanted to be able to say to him, you can do anything that you want, and I looked at the life that I was living... I was working in advertising sales for the Guardian newspaper in the UK, which was a great job.

I'd been in it for seven years and I was doing very well, but I just knew that I didn't want to go all the way to the top. I knew that I wasn't doing anything that I wanted. And when I got pregnant with him, I knew that I needed to change that if I wanted to be able to say that to him authentically.

So I didn't leave my job immediately. I got pregnant again, but those were really the two fundamental things that happened that put me on the path to entrepreneurship.

I then decided to study hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, which ended up with me creating the world's first video-based hypno-birthing program. And from there, my business has pivoted lots to doing what I do now.

How are you helping your clients today? Who do you work primarily with?

I work primarily with female entrepreneurs who are impact driven. So it's really people who are just wanting to... I talk about wanting to be part of a tidal wave of positive impact across the planet.

I believe that you can do that as an individual. You can do that working with a few people. But the people that I get the most pleasure out of working with people who have really big visions and who want to make a lot of money, actually, because I believe that... it's not even a belief at the moment. Money is the currency that makes the world go round and money gives you choices and leverage.

I believe that more conscious female entrepreneurs are needed at scale, who are making serious amounts of money so that we can make the serious changes that the world is crying out for it right now.

What is a limitless life experience like for you? What does it mean to live the limitless life?

I would say that limitless to me is me living into my potential. I believe that I, you, every single human being on this planet has super powers, and I think that from an early age, we are taught that we are limited in what we can do, how we can think, how we can show up and how we can impact.

Depending on our race or socioeconomic background, where we're brought up, all of those things, people place limitations on us that through no fault of our own, just through the learning that we have and through the nurturing that we buy into and believe.

Ultimately for me, we are all super human. And so living into my limitlessness is the goal.

And what that means is identifying, where am I saying I can't? Where am I believing someone else's story about how I should grow or when I should grow? Where am I limiting myself?

And it's catching those contractions and breathing space into them is creating as much expansion in my life on a daily basis as possible. And sometimes I do really, really well. Other times I do really crap and I feel contracted in small and things... I'm not capable of doing things and things aren't possible.

And it's that real dance between how many days can I be an expansion and how much of the day can I be in expansion versus contraction? And for me, that's what living a limitless life is.

That's going to feel different for everybody. For some people that will be the limitlessness will be traveling around the world as a nomad. For other people, it will be running a Fortune 500 corporation. It's different, but it's your exploration of where am I saying I can't, and going beyond that.

Do you believe that we can truly have it all - everything that we want to have in our business, in our personal lives - as long as we hold on to this idea of limitless belief?

I have a different take on what having it all really means.

I think that society tells us having it all is the material spoils and the external things that we can collect. Like that is the measure. And for me having it all is about having all of yourself.

So it comes back to this idea that we are limitless beings. And whenever I, in contraction, whenever I'm saying I can't, it's my rejection of that limitlessness. Does that make sense?

It's me saying that, it's me believing that, what is between my ears is all that I am, rather than knowing that I am a spiritual being who I can send my thoughts around the globe in an instant. I can do that now this second, and if I can send my thoughts around the globe, I can send light impact around the globe.

And so it's that belief... and it's not even really a belief. It's that knowing that that is truth, that nothing can stop me.

And the more of myself that I am willing to receive that for me is the definition of having it all. It's having all of me.

Now on a very practical note, I believe that we can have it all. I don't believe that we can do it all. Our capacity to receive support and ask for help is absolutely paramount.

I also believe that, and this is where I never think that it is either or it's always, and the idea of doing it all and we can have it all, but not all at the same time, the idea of piling it all up on the plate in front of me.

So I've got all of the things... it's like, what is even that about? I don't want all of that stuff.

I really do believe that often when we're talking about having it all, we're talking about stuff. And for me, that stuff, the idea that we need all of this stuff is societal. That really keeps people in that needing, grasping, wanting more. I'm not enough, and I'm not available for that.

The first thing is you mentioned belief, and then you said, wait, it's about knowing. So as a mindset coach, what is the difference between believing something and knowing something? The second thing is, it sounds like living a limitless life is about self-worth. Can you clarify?

I think that we all need self worth. I think we all deserve to have a high self-esteem, but for me, I think it's more about peace in being all of yourself. Peace in recognizing that you are suffering, being in peace knowing that you are incredible.

It's peace and that is an inside job, and that peace gets to be endless. It's not defined or determined by whether your parents approve of you, whether your collective are judging you or not.

It's that knowing that I'm enough, so that it's self worth. And it's not about do(ing), it's about be(ing). It's the, I am.

It's that wholeness of the, "I am" statement, and in that wholeness, you can do, be, have all of the things. And at the same time, it's not about the things. It's about you.

Jim Carrey says, "I wish everyone could be millionaires so that they would realize that it's not about being a millionaire". That's not the thing that's ever going to make you happy.

It's understanding who you are at a cellular level. That you're super human, but that idea that you're limited in any way, shape or form is a story.

Your job is to work out what your soul purpose is and live into it. When I say things like that, people they're like, oh, so you're saying that you can be an astronaut. I'm saying that I have no desire to be an astronaut. That's not my soul's purpose, but if it was my soul's purpose, of course I could be an astronaut. So it's that real little thing.

And then coming back to the difference between believing and knowing. Believing, I believe there is for doubt in belief.

There is a room for doubt. Believing, wishing, hoping is not the same as knowing something to be true as a fact. Knowing it to be truth with capital T.

And there are lots of things... what's been interesting over the last year and a half last year, lots of things that we thought that we knew that we didn't know. It's semantics, and what I'm saying is not actually truth with a capital T because there were things that we find out all of the time.

We used to know that the world is flat and then it, and then it wasn't. But vibrationally, energetically, there is a difference between you saying, I know this, and I believe this, this is my belief.

You might believe something different. It's like, I know, and that's unshakeable. It's an energetic thing, other than an actual truth with a capital T.

Can you share one thing that we can do actionably to take that knowing versus believing and apply it into our business?

My answer to this is going to be very annoying, but you just have to choose. That's it.

I became a seven figure entrepreneur when I chose to become a seven figure entrepreneur, and I knew that 2020 was the year that that was going to happen. I didn't know about Coronavirus. I didn't know about lockdown. I didn't know about pandemics.

I didn't know about any of that stuff, but it was the year that I decided. I decided in 2019 that next year, I'm going to be a seven figure entrepreneur, believing that it was possible. I knew that it was possible. I believed that it was possible.

But even when I say that, when I say, I believe that it's possible for me to become a seven figure entrepreneur, I haven't decided it's still a soul in the ether. It's still a wish or hope a dream, a concept when I've decided that I am doing something, I know that it's happening.

And then from that point, how you embody that is by looking at your behavior, looking at your words, looking at the environment that you put yourself in, and asking yourself, is that what a seven figure entrepreneur says? Is that what they do? Is that how they think? And that's an ongoing process.

Did you do anything differently for your business the moment you decided that you were going to be a seven figure entrepreneur? Did you do differently in terms of what you sell, the marketing stuff that you were doing, in terms of activities, or was it a pure mindset change?

I did a live event. So that was a strategic change, which you couldn't do. That kicked my year off. But the thing that I sold at the live event, I then had to sell online later on.

When I sold it online later on, I had a much bigger launch than what I had at the beginning of the year when I did the live event. But strategically that was something that I changed.

And probably rather than the vehicle that I used online, in-person, that's irrelevant. But that the vehicle that I sold was a million pound product. And I knew that it was a million pound product.

Again, it could be a million pound product at $2,000. It could be a million pound product at $15,000. You have to think about, how do I want to run a business? How do I want to engage with people?

I chose to do a high ticket offering, but there are millions of what might be hundreds of thousands, thousands, all seven figure entrepreneurs who have completely different business models.

So whilst the question is valid, did I do anything differently? I did. But the thing that I did is not necessarily the thing that you need to do, or whoever was listening needs to do, because they were training them on ways to make a million bucks.

I would say that the big things that I did was I invested in four different coaches, two strategic coaches, one mindset. I keep forgetting who the fourth one, oh, the fourth one was a day to learn how to sell in person. And I spent $30,000 on that. I basically spent, committed to, so everything was on a payment plan, but I committed to $120,000 worth of coaching. That was the thing that I did.

I put myself in a very, very challenging, like, pee your pants if you do not deliver on this, you've got $15,000. One of them has a slightly delayed, we had like a funny payment plan arrangement, but you've got $15,000 that are coming in, this coming out of your account and coaching. Okay, what do you do that?

And this is the mindset, the million pound entrepreneur, make sure that they've got bloody products sell, make sure that they are asking for the sale, make sure that they're putting systems and processes in place to deal to sell.

The person who is struggling to make six figures or is playing around at that kind of half a million mark hasn't fully decided. So their behaviors are not in alignment with what is required in order to deal with a commitment and then create the profit.

What do you do to clear your own blockages in your business?

I was talking about this in one of my client groups today. I work a lot with the archetypes, the wounded feminine, the victim, the child and the saboteur, being our shadow archetypes. And then the lover, the warrior, the sovereign, and the magician being illuminated archetypes.

So for me, often, what I will do is look to see what are the traits that I'm displaying, which of those archetypes is at play. Like. So for example, with the saboteur, if you look at me from August to December making all of these coaching commitments.

The saboteur would say that isn't a logical thing to do, do not move forward. You don't know what's going to happen. You need to know what all of the next steps are, because if you don't know, what are the next steps are, you are going to be shafted. You should really think about this.

The saboteur shows up in very sensible, logical, practical ways and stops you from moving forward. That's a block.

When I hear myself doing that, I'm like, oh, okay, it's the saboteur. What do I need to create here? I need to step into my magician.

What does the magician do? The magician pulls rabbits out of hats. The magician knows that it is absolutely possible and doable and happening that we can create 50K months, 70K months, 80K months. The magician knows that.

The magician just knows what he knows what he knows. And I say he, she, the archetypes are non-gender specific. And so I look at the language that I am using and I pick out the language that is most appropriate for my archetype map.

And I sit and I breathe. So I get myself really, really centered, and then I claim the energy of the archetype that is going to move me forward. I take action in alignment with that.

So that is what I'm doing on a conscious level, on a physical and energetic level. I use a lot of quantum flow, which is a movement practice that embodies lots of Eastern movement practices. So things like chi-gong and Tai Chi and yoga and Kundalini and all of that good stuff.

I'll be working through physical blocks, whether I know exactly what it is I need to release. I'll use that practice to let go. Then I have something called the freedom codes, which is working on a conscious, subconscious, and an energetic level where I will literally look to see, how am I blocking myself? Is it a lack of trust? Is it I'm putting the brakes on?

Either everything just feels heavy and serious when I know that life gets to be a game and fun and playful, and I know we'll find the relevant freedom codes, and then I will work that on myself. So I did all of those things.

What are some common blockages that you see entrepreneurs face in terms of business?

I think that one of the biggest one is fear and that presents itself in many different ways.

So fear of judgment, fear of getting it wrong, fear of success or failure. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of getting it wrong and people judging me for getting it wrong. Fear is huge.

I think the second one is lack of trust, not trusting myself, not trusting the system, not trusting the universe. Really feeling disconnected from your power, from yourself. It's funny because I used the words out here, but really it's being disconnected from yourself, and that creates a lack of trust.

It means that often a person is walking around feeling like they have to do it all themselves, rather than being able to lean on universal wisdom, ask for help from their coaches or mentors and all of that good stuff.

Then I think another one is when somebody is doing well, then putting the brakes on because they don't think that they could handle it. They're worried, they're anticipating when's the other shoe going to drop. That is a big part.

It really plays into what I was talking about earlier. One, with that having all of yourself. And it's like, is it true that you can't handle all of yourself? Is it possible, but the mind says something different? So those are things that come up a lot.

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