The MindFuel Entrepreneur Podcast

Episode 192: How To Create Better Success Habits As An Entrepreneur

Finding it hard to BREAK the bad habits in your business and start building GOOD SUCCESS HABITS for business success?

Often entrepreneurs try to will themselves in creating good habits through the power of willpower... but willpower doesn't work because habits are unconscious actions created by the brain, while willpower are conscious actions.

The only permanent way to create good habits for business success is to move beyond using willpower and tap into something much deeper.

In this episode, I share why bad habits are hard to break, how to break bad habits, how to build good habits for business success, so you can start creating the habits of successful people.

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Habits arunconscious actions. You're not consciously thinking about what to do next, how to do it... it's all unconscious. When you're trying to break a bad habit with willpower, you're trying to use a conscious action to break an unconscious thing and it's not going to work out.

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